Ain't got time for what you feel .
Eva Skysrapiing, Poland, 19, 80s enthusiast, Music Lover (especially synthpop, new wave, post-punk, rock and industrial), fascinated by history (mainly 19th century and World War II), Serial killers and Good Movies. I'm a sociopath. { }

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On my way to school, half asleep, Nitzer will wake me up. Tru luv.

Mick Jagger on stage in Oslo on May 26th, photographed by Rashid Akrim.

Apoptygma Berzerk | Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2 Cover)

Hey hey sha la la, hey hey sha la la la !


The year is 2060. iPhone 842 is released. The screen touches you

Finally got my own Iron Cross!

Finally got my own Iron Cross!

idk much about you but from your taste of music we absolutely should be together :)
- Anonymous

So what’s your music taste? And of course I think that mine is quite good.


Milli Vanilli - Blame It On The Rain


ABC - Poison Arrow

I’ve tripped and fallen into the 80’s.

If I were to say to you, “Can you keep a secret?”
Would you know just what to do or where to keep it?

Gary Numan photographed in London by Chalkie Davies, 1979

Gary Numan photographed in London by Chalkie Davies, 1979

I’m really sick when someone talks about beauty standards. I mean, what the fuck? Every body shape, face shape, nose shape or anything can be good-looking for someone. Why strive for one imaginary way of perfection. Even our little or bigger flaws make us someone original and beautiful.